The village

Come and relive history

"... Alexander and I left together at about nine o'clock up a rocky hill, at the top of which a village with its church was perched. The inhabitants, men and women, went out to greet us from the cellars where they had taken refuge: it turned out immediately evident that the locality had just been bombed. The only road was cluttered with rubble and ruins. From the secular parapets we enjoyed a truly magnificent view, we had lunch outdoors on the wide slope of a hill that offered a wonderful panorama ... " from The Winston Churchill Memoirs - 25 August 1944

The magnificent view to which Churchill refers is our "Balcony on the history of Metauro" and our Albergo Diffuso Borgo Montemaggiore rises right on top of that hill in the Marche hinterland, in Borgo Montemaggiore al Metauro in the province of Pesaro-Urbino.

The panorama stretches from the valley of the Metauro river, beyond the Apennines, to the sea.