The treasures of the Metauro Valley

Starting from Borgo Montemaggiore you can venture to discover a luxuriant and amazing nature, along the Apennine ridge that hides real architectural treasures, with castles and villages to visit and experience. Rich in history, archeology and naturalistic sites, the Metauro Valley is a succession of emotions among the beauties of the monuments dedicated to Roman times. A holiday in the Marche among enchanted woods and ancient wonders that will leave you speechless. Here history is the host, the most primitive and the most recent, creating contrasts capable of giving immense pleasure for the senses. Here time is marked by the rhythms of nature: what it takes for a holiday of healthy and pure relaxation. Let yourself be bewitched by the magic of a place where everything flows slowly, where you can rediscover your dimension, regenerate yourself and experience a new contact with the world around you!